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Heart into art. In her music she always searches the purest translation of the inspiration. Often this results in powerful songs, which at the same time sound vulnerable. Influenced by various styles such as Pop, Jazz, Light Classical her music is diverse. This diversity combined with her soulful voice and untamed energy on stage, make her performances powerful, surprising and striking.

In 2012 she swinged at the North Sea Jazz Festival with Bigband, she studied four months in Minnesota at the McNally Smith College of Music and in 2013 she graduated from the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem as Jazz & Pop singer. Since 2014 she travels across the globe with Close Act to immerse the audience with magic.

With eleven musicians from Europe and America she created the multiple genre compilation cd Symphony Vol.1 which was distributed over 5.000 times worldwide. To make her song more dramatic she collaborated with Award winning film composer Anne-Kathrin Dern.